Lauren Boebert

Lauren Boebert Reminds Biden Regime Why We Don’t Believe Their Promises About Door-Knockers

When news broke last week that the Biden regime intended to send agents door-to-door to check on our vaccine status, reactions were immediate and harsh. Even if we disregard the blatant attack on privacy and healthcare choice that this represents, we cannot shake the belief that this is just conditioning for near-future door-knockers with even worse intentions. It starts with vaccine checks and moves to gun checks, child indoctrination checks, right-wing extremism checks… anything but U.S. citizenship checks, of course.

The narrative from the White House has taken two different angles. One has authorities gaslighting us into believing that this is not only acceptable but part of the government’s responsibility to know the vaccination status of every American. The other is that government only wants to go door-to-door for vaccine status checks and they totally won’t take it any further.

Both narratives are false. Government does not have the right to invade our healthcare privacy, nor will they stop with this type of check if allowed to move forward with it the first time. As justification for our skepticism on both fronts, Congresswoman Lauren Boebert reminded government about its track-record on Covid promises.

“The door-to-door vaccine pushers won’t be used to for anything nefarious or be used to normalize other door-to-door checks such as those for guns.

“You should trust the government when they say that, just like when they told you 15 days to slow the spread would only last 15 days.”

Some will counter that it was the Trump administration who pushed the 15-days to slow the spread. What they will conveniently forget is that the bureaucrat class led by Anthony Fauci was the one pushing this and making promises that they broke, even to President Trump. They’ll forget that Trump had been pushing to open America back up as quickly as possible; he was mocked by press and attacked by bureaucrats when he said he wanted to have lockdowns ended by Easter.

It was state governments, not the Trump administration, that picked up the 15-days recommendation and extended it indefinitely. And who are the politicians who embraced it the most? Biden’s Democrats led the charge to establish a permanent authoritarian state in which we needed permission just to be on the streets. They issued draconian curfews, limited our ability to make a living, and took the inch of latitude that we mistakenly gave them and extended it for miles.

That’s not going to happen this time… at least it shouldn’t. We should know better. Trusting government to take care of our freedoms is like trusting child molesters to take care of our kids. If they’re going to knock on our doors for vaccines, they’re going to knock on our doors for whatever reason they feel like knocking. Eventually, they’ll start doing more than knocking. THIS is why we must resist the regime’s push to normalize having government agents at our doors to check on us for our own “safety.”

Ronald Reagan once quipped that the nine most terrifying words in the English language are, “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” It was a humorous warning. The Biden regime is treating it like a self-fulfilling prophecy.