Lauren Boebert Explains What Democrats REALLY Mean

Lauren Boebert Explains What Democrats REALLY Mean

When Barack Obama said that he wanted to “fundamentally change” America, his words became a talking point for Democrats that has been echoed constantly ever since. It resonated with the Cultural Marxists who believe everything about America is evil. Since then, pretty much every Democrat, including the current occupant of the Oval Office, has used a variation of the phrase when describing their policies.

Congresswoman Lauren Boebert posted a Tweet today that deciphers what they actually mean when they invoke the phrase:

When Democrats say they want to “fundamentally change” America, it’s just a fancy way of saying they want to destroy America.

It’s true. Democrats have tried to take this nation on a path that is a direct collision course with oblivion. From dismantling our military with “woke” priorities to turning everyone against each other with manufactured racism, their policies have done nothing but weaken the nation. Today, we are more vulnerable to evil from enemies both foreign and domestic than we’ve been in decades.

It’s long past time for Americans to wake up to the reality of the modern Democratic Party. The leadership in the party is not aligned with the people, even those who generally support them. We need more people to realize that Joe Biden et al do not have our nation’s best interests in mind.