Lauren Boebert

Lauren Boebert: “Elon Musk Bought a Crime Scene and Is Releasing Receipts”

Of all the quips Congresswoman Lauren Boebert has dropped in her time on Capitol Hill, this one might be my favorite. It’s short and very clever… sort of like Boebert herself.

In reference to the drop of the “Twitter Files,” Boebert posted a Tweet that breaks down the political implications in under 280-characters:

We all knew Big Tech conspired, censored, and spread misinformation to help Leftists win. @ElonMusk bought a crime scene and is releasing receipts. Facebook, Google, and the other Silicon Valley overlords also need to be exposed. On 1/3, the subpoenas should start.

Of course, there’s zero chance the other Big Tech baddies are going to follow suit unless forced to do so, and even then they will do everything they can to prevent exposure over their massive role in swaying the last two elections. Ever since Hillary Clinton lost in 2016, the tech tyrants have coordinated efforts to prevent Democrats from being humiliated like that again.

What is the limit to hearings and use of subpoena power for a GOP Congress? Whatever those limits are, they should be tested next year to expose as much as possible about the nefarious players in Silicon Valley.