Laura Loomer’s Primary Opponent Daniel Webster Is a Full-Blown RINO

No matter how the districting maps played out, deplatformed conservative Laura Loomer was going to be taking on someone in the GOP Establishment. After the dust settled, the primary opponent she landed ended up being the ultimate incumbent RINO in Florida, Daniel Webster.

He has been one of the quieter anti-Trump Republicans on Capitol Hill, shying away from direct discussions and conveniently avoiding votes that could have forced him to acknowledge his anti-MAGA status. But his voting record and accumulated actions point us to one conclusion: He’s not an America First patriot.

According to The Floridian:

Interestingly enough, Webster should have $50,000 more dollars in his coiffures, but over the past year, he has cut several checks totaling $50,000 to the Kevin McCarthy-led National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC).

The latest $20,000 check was cut that Webster cut for the NRCC was written if February 2022.

Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy recently struck the ire of many Republicans after it was learned that he and NRCC Chairman Rep. Tom Emmer called for then-President Donald Trump to resign his presidency. This was revealed last week on secret audio of a phone call that McCarthy and Emmer had with Rep.Liz Cheney in the immediate aftermath of January 6, 2021.

The seat itself will almost certainly go to whoever wins the Republican primary, so if Loomer can defeat Webster early then she’s likely going to Capitol Hill to fight for Floridians. We need her bold presence in DC just as badly as we need milquetoast RINOs like Webster to be ejected.

She has a head start with better fundraising so far. The question is whether she will be able to spread the word successfully without having access to mainstream social media. She’s the only major candidate who is not allowed on Twitter or Facebook.

Whatever it takes, we’re going to try to help her win. She receives my full endorsement.