Laura Loomer Serves Facebook and Twitter with $10 Billion Lawsuits

Congressional candidate and canceled conservative Laura Loomer has been at war with Big Tech for years. She has complained, pulled publicity stunts, and exposed the draconian measures they’ve used against her.

Now, she’s taken her fight to a whole new level. According to her press release:

This morning, after 18 months of work, I filed a $10 billion lawsuit against Facebook (Meta), Twitter, Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO).

The case was filed in the Northern District of California by my attorneys who are former Congressman Bob Barr, and Constitutional attorney John Pierce.

Former Congressman Barr led the Senate impeachment trial against Bill Clinton and was appointed by President Reagan to serve as the U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Georgia.

John Pierce is a graduate of Harvard Law School and was one of only a handful of conservative editors in the history of the Harvard Law Review. Mr. Pierce has represented Carter Page, George Papadopoulus, and Kyle Rittenhouse among many others. He also currently represents more January 6th defendants than any other attorney in America.

This is the legal “dream team” to take on two of America’s most powerful corporations – and make no mistake, we will win.

But to do so, I’ll need your continued support as we will be buried in litigation as Facebook and Twitter attempt to defend themselves. Will you support this lawsuit today with a generous donation?

My RICO case pulls back the veil of Social Media Bias that targets conservatives and discloses what this is TRULY about . . . advertising dollars . . . and specifically money from the world’s largest advertiser.

If you look around your house, it’s likely filled with products from this company, and I bet you use them daily . . . because it’s Proctor & Gamble, the world’s largest consumer product goods company.

The depth of P&G’s influence over the Big Tech Mafia, and Big Tech’s conspiracy to suppress speech of conservatives will all come out in discovery and depositions . . . but it will cost a fortune.

The “wins” of this case will be incremental. And they’ve already started. By exposing P&G, we’re already making an impact.

But, we have to keep going, and that will take your support. So please, back my RICO case today, and stay tuned for more.

It’s time to break up the Big Tech Mafia!