Last Year's Heroes Are This Year's Unemployed Because of Vaccine-Mandate Theater

Last Year’s Heroes Are This Year’s Unemployed Because of Vaccine-Mandate Theater

Vaccine-mandates are draconian. They are a step that one might expect and even accept for a disease that has a high fatality rate and a vaccine that is highly effective. With a 99.97% recovery rate for otherwise healthy people under the age of 50 and a vaccine that appears to work marginally better than a placebo at stopping the disease, particularly the Delta Variant, mandates are asinine and completely unAmerican.

Last year, medical professionals on the front lines fighting the pandemic were heralded as heroes by media, politicians, most Americans, and the healthcare companies for which they worked. But that was last year. Thanks to Vaccine-Mandate Theater, the only way most medical professionals can maintain their “hero” status is to accept injections of experimental drugs that demonstrate severe side-effects in a massive number of recipients. These side-effects include the deaths of tens of thousands, if not more.

Those who don’t participate in the ongoing experiment are cast aside, forced to seek new employment in a different industry.

Long hours, emotional distress, and risks to their health made nurses and doctors the heroes of 2020. This year, they must willingly embrace the massive experiment and risk their lives again if they want to keep their jobs.