Larry Elder's Ex-Fiancee Denies Politico Report that He 'Waved' a Loaded Gun at Her

Larry Elder’s Ex-Fiancee Denies Politico Report that He ‘Waved’ a Loaded Gun at Her

There was a time not too long ago when I considered POLITICO to be one of the few left-leaning mainstream news outlets that played straight with the facts. But repeated offenses to journalistic standards in recent months has made me put them in the same classification as CNN, Salon, and the Huffington Post. They are fake news.

A “bombshell” report posted yesterday claimed California gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder “waved a gun” at ex-fiancee Alexandra Datig “while high on marijuana.” The inflammatory characterization of the alleged event remains in the first paragraph of the story several hours after Datig informed them for the second time that he never waved nor pointed the gun at her.

Larry Elder Waved Gun

The reality of her tale, which Elder denies, is that she claims he checked to see if his firearm was loaded before replacing it in a drawer. He did not wave it. He did not point it at her. He did not threaten her in any way, neither with the firearm nor verbally.

But reality doesn’t hurt his chances of defeating Democrat Gavin Newsom next month during the California recall election. So, POLITICO sensationalized it for effect. Unfortunately, the vast majority of reports on other mainstream media outlets repeated POLITICO’s lies. The only one we found that treated it honestly was the Los Angeles Times, which reported:

In her interview with The Times last week, Datig also said that Elder did not “wave” the gun, as later reported by Politico. After that account went online Thursday, Datig reiterated that point.

Datig, who is reportedly supporting and possibly working with former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer’s campaign, has very high political ambitions in the state. Having an ex-fiancee as the Governor of California would hamper her prospects.

Leftist mainstream media knows Larry Elder is a candidate who can drive more California voters to recall Gavin Newsom. He is their top target in the state. They’ll do anything, including lie, to keep their chosen one in office.