Larry Elder vs Andrew Gillum_ Media Covered Potential First Black Governors Very Differently

Larry Elder vs Andrew Gillum: Media Covered Potential First Black Governors Very Differently

If California Governor Gavin Newsom is recalled and Larry Elder is the highest vote-getter in the pack to replace him, he will be the state’s first Black governor. Searches reveal that zero major media outlets have reported on this fact.

By contrast, the campaign of disgraced Florida Democrat Andrew Gillum was heavily touted. Why? Because he would have been Florida’s first Black governor. As Peter J. Hasson, Editor at Fox News Digital noted on Twitter:

The difference between the two is, of course, political party. Elder is a Republican and therefore is not entitled to any positive coverage despite the fact that a victory would be just as historic if not more so than had Gillum won in Florida.

Many in fake news media would have to be put on suicide watch if the first Black governor of California was a Republican. They cannot fathom a world in which their racism is being exposed by someone like Larry Elder, so they refuse to give him any positive coverage.