Larry Elder Can Win In California if He Runs for Governor

Larry Elder Can Win In California if He Runs for Governor

Many right-leaning publications have already started weighing in on who they favor to eject Gavin Newsom from the California’s Governor’s office. They have not only supported a particular candidate but have also explained why they dislike this candidate or that candidate. I’m not going to start bashing any of the announced or prospective candidates despite having strong feelings about a few. Instead, I want to focus on one guy and why I think he’s the right choice.

Conservative pundit Larry Elder can win if he runs. Contrary to what many seem to believe, ousting Newsom is not going to be easy. Just because we were able to get enough signatures to spark the recall doesn’t mean we’re going to get the 50%+ votes necessary to say he’s out. To do that, we need to have an alternative that the angry and worried people of California can embrace or at least accept, and that alternative is Elder.

For transparency, I’ve been calling on Elder to run for California Governor for over a year, long before serious efforts were being mounted to recall Newsom. I saw him as an ideal choice for 2022 and now I see him as an even better choice for the upcoming recall election. It’s challenging for a staunch conservative to win in this state; the best we’ve been able to muster in this generation is Arnold Schwarzenegger and he’s as moderate as it gets. But Elder possesses qualities that allow his conservatism to shine in ways that can appeal to Californians.

First and foremost, his attention to education and crime are both at the top of Californian’s list of areas that desperately need improvement. Second, he understands the economy as well or better than anyone who’s tried to win the office in decades. Third, he’s a likeable guy. That goes a long way in this state. Newsom is actually a perfect example of someone who has never succeeded at politics other than winning elections. His track-record has been abysmal at all levels, yet he keeps winning because he has a great smile and people generally like him. Elder has that same quality about him, but with great policies to go with it.

We need someone in this election who is able to move the needle with voters. The ballot has two important parts. First, a majority has to vote to have Newsom recalled, and as noted before that’s not going to be as easy as getting the signatures to force the vote. Second, if the recall passes the highest vote-getter will be elected. Elder has the name-recognition and policy firepower to achieve both… if he’s willing to make a run at it.

I hope he does. From what we can tell, he has a great life without suffering through the headaches of public office. But this state and this nation need him to step up. I, for one, will support him all the way if he chooses to get in.