Lara Trump Declines Senate Run, Endorses Rep. Ted Budd. . . and Donald Endorsed Him Too

Lara Trump Declines Senate Run, Endorses Rep. Ted Budd. . . and Donald Endorsed Him Too

“No for now,” she said.

Lara Trump, the wife of Eric and daughter-in-law of President Trump, announced at the North Carolina GOP Convention that she will not be running for Senate. With a one- and three-year-old at home, she felt it wasn’t the right time but did say she intends to run for office in the future.

Many candidates have been waiting for Lara Trump’s decision because they know whoever gets Donald Trump’s endorsement is likely going to win the primary. She announced her decision, but then declared that she would be endorsing a candidate who was announcing at the same event.

Donald Trump came back to the stage and announced his endorsement of the brand new candidacy for Representative Ted Budd. He said he told Budd of his decision to endorse him 15 minutes before coming on stage. Budd then took the stage and thanked both Trumps before turning the stage over to the President.

This essentially blocks others who were considering running. There will be contenders, but without the coveted Trump endorsements, it will be an uphill battle. According to Just The News:

Trump made the endorsement after his daughter-in-law Lara Trump appeared at the convention to announce she was not running for Senate, ending months of speculation.

Trump praised Budd, promising to campaign for him and declaring that Budd would�”fight like hell” in the Senate race next year.

The former president at the convention delivered�a blistering attack on Joe Biden’s administration and vowing to fight aggressively in 2022 and beyond against what he said was a “disgrace” of left-wing radicalism gripping the country.