Lara Logan_ Biden Regime Ordered OSHA 'To Start Hiding Information From the Public to Promote the COVID Vaccine'

Lara Logan’s Explanation of “Nothing” Is Why America Is in Political and Cultural Freefall

Look around. Things are very far from good. There are tidbits of positive news that we scramble for like crumbs dropping off the table, but it’s not enough to sustain us. It’s not enough for this nation to be able to survive.

Independent journalist Lara Logan broke it all down nicely in a Twitter post:

Millions now know the truth about Covid. And….nothing.

People are dying because of the vaccines and….nothing.

The nation knows Russia-collusion was a seditious conspiracy to undermine a legally elected President. And…nothing.

It’s now obvious “climate change” & the green movement is a total scam to manipulate & control, isolate us geographically, destroy the natural food supply & starve populations across the globe. And….nothing.

Big Tech is working with big govt to undermine every constitutional right we have and….nothing.

American citizens have been denied their right to a free trial & have been sitting behind bars for years because those in power are abusing the law and…. Nothing.

Really makes you wonder what it will take. Is this how good people lose everything and nations slide into catastrophe and people wonder afterwards, “how did they let this happen?”

If we do nothing, we will fall. If we decide we will only go as far as others around us are going, we will fall. The only hope this nation has is in the greatest revival in American history. Otherwise, our fall seems inevitable.