Lara Logan

Lara Logan Only Needed 10-Words to Perfectly Describe “15-Minute Cities”

There have been dozens of journalists in recent months who have written long articles or produced extended videos trying to explain why the Globalist Elite Cabal is pushing for “15-Minute Cities.” There was even one content creator who explained it from a chicken coop. That was awesome.

Independent journalist Lara Logan could write about it. She could be interviewed about it. She could probably talk about 15-Minute Cities for hours without repeating herself. But this weekend she broke it down in 10-words, then threw in a few more for added effect. But the first 10 were all she really needed.

A “15-minute city” is a self-sustaining concentration camp.

And the guards are Artificial Intelligence.

“Snd you’ll never be happier”.

Wake up.

The World Economic Forum are Nazis without the uniform.

Just listen to Klaus Schwab speak. What sounds more like a Nazi leader than that?

Yep, that sums it up perfectly. Leave your thoughts about 15-Minute Cities or Lara Logan on my Substack.