Lara Logan

Lara Logan Lays Out the Terrifying Scenarios Coming to America This Summer

There was a time not too long ago when I would immediately dismiss those preaching doom and gloom in the coming days. I always assumed they were either selling something, playing for shock clicks, or both. Even when Joe Biden was first installed in the White House, I wasn’t worried about America’s coming demise. I figured if we could survive an intelligent and conniving globalist like Barack Obama, we could make it through a term with a dementia-ridden mental midget.

I may have been wrong. Things have deteriorated far faster than I could have imagined and we’re facing multiple existential threats. This is why the analysis by the brilliant Lara Logan below is so important.

Keep in mind that she doesn’t even mention our border invasion, crushing national debt, de-dollarization, or half-a-dozen other massive challenges we’re facing. Just the scenarios and reactions she details below are enough to make lucid Americans concerned. Unfortunately, most Americans are not aware of their surroundings or the circumstances, opting instead to talk about Taylor Swift’s latest album or the manufactured hush money trial/distraction.

Here’s Lara’s analysis presented without edits:


The pro-Hamas/pro-Palestinian protests on our streets are the local manifestation of the Israeli-Hamas conflict – funded & orchestrated by the same people who paid for the “summer of love” protests/riots after the death of George Floyd, with Antifa once again behind-the-scenes playing the role of “agent provocateur”. While we are distracted by arguments over the made-up term “Islamophobia” (anyone else remember when ‘DC Leaks’ published emails/documents from Soros’s Open Society Foundation instructing their staff on how to create this term & propagate it? I do – the docs were scrubbed from the internet a while ago. Maybe someone can find them?).

So while we get spun up over this distraction what are we missing?

Could it be how avian flu and swine flu have been studied for weaponization the same way Covid was? Are they preparing to unleash another ‘pandemic”? Perhaps our time would be better spent figuring out what preemptive treatments exist so we don’t all get suckered again.

Or how to prepare for a possible ‘manufactured’ banking crisis?

Intel professionals today are watching for more train derailments (like East Palestine, Ohio), more attacks on critical infrastructure (like the Baltimore bridge crash) & possible attacks on the power grid.

What you can expect with a major shutdown of the grid/loss of power:

1) When emergency generators run out of fuel, it takes three minutes people for on life support/without oxygen to start dying.

2) When people are without shelter – either in the cold or when there is intense heat like June/July – it takes about three hours for the elderly and most vulnerable to start dying from heat stroke etc.

3) After three days without any water – people start dying.

4) After three weeks without any food, people start dying.

Without power, hospitals eventually start shutting down along with grocery stores. Around day three, riots typically start and that’s when your local grocery store becomes a target for raiding.

It’s a perfect scenario for emergency restrictions, delaying elections, pushing people into civil war & calling on the UN to come in to your country to “protect” your nuclear arsenal and “repair critical infrastructure”.

There’s a very big difference between being stricken with fear because things are possibly going to go wrong and bracing for impact. It’s time to do the latter. Here’s my analysis of Logan’s post: