Transvestite Nuns

LA Dodgers Bow to Woke Mob, Re-Invite Transvestite Group That Mocks Catholics With “Nuns” in Drag Flashing Crucifixes

LGBTQIA+ Cultists win again in professional sports as the Los Angeles Dodgers have reversed their reversal regarding a blasphemous transvestite group.

It started with this: L.A. Dodgers Will Honor Drag Group Mocking Catholics: ‘Sisters Of Perpetual Indulgence’. Two days later, it changed to this: LA Dodgers Backdown After Backlash, Cancel Pride Night Invite to ‘Anti-Catholic’ Trans Nun Group. The next day, we saw this: LGBTQ Group Accuses Conservatives of Being Aligned With ‘White Supremacy’ After They Forced Dodgers to Disinvite the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

Now, we have this:

To be crystal clear, this isn’t just a group of men in drag celebrating their mental illness. This is a full-blown, anti-Catholic and anti-Biblical organization that mocks the clergy and the crucifix as a prop to spread their hatred of all things holy.

As I’ve said for a long time, corporate America in general and professional sports in particular will ALWAYS bend the knee to their trans-supremacist overlords. This will never end until we stop giving them our support. Stop drinking Bud Light, stop buying from Target, and stop going to Dodgers (or any other professional sports team) games.