Kyle Rittenhouse Breaks Down on the Stand

Kyle Rittenhouse Breaks Down on the Stand (Video)

The prosecution against Kyle Rittenhouse failed miserably to make a case against the teen who defended himself while trying to defend the people and businesses of Kenosha, Wisconsin. Their case was so abysmal that there were doubts Rittenhouse would even have to take the stand. If the defense rested without calling a single witness, they probably would have won anyway.

But there is no room for doubt when a young man’s life is at stake, so the defense for Kyle Rittenhouse pushed forward. They called him to the stand today to describe what happened in his own words. As he attempted to do so, he broke down. The judge had to call a recess because the sobbing was so intense.

There is no sane world in which this young man should have been arrested, let alone charged and now tried in court. All of the evidence available to the public and more that was only available to the legal teams and the FBI have clearly demonstrated he was acting in pure self defense. If he had not acted in the manner he did, he would have been murdered at the hands of Antifa scum. Instead, he fought back as any freedom-loving American would.

Kyle Rittenhouse should not be on trial. He should be given a medal by the city of Kenosha for his bravery and his willingness to do what so many in the city were too afraid to do. This is a sad moment in American history being played in front of a live audience.