Kyle Becker Breaks Down the Treatment of Donald Trump by Our Corrupt Judiciary on Multiple Fronts

There are two things to know about Kyle Becker, former Fox News producer and current owner of his own news outlet, before reading his concise breakdown of what’s happening right now with Donald Trump.

First and foremost, he’s wicked smart. Second, he tells it like he sees it, and what he’s seeing being done to Donald Trump by our corrupt judiciary is absolutely criminal. Here’s his breakdown posted on Twitter [edited only for format]:

It appears that Donald Trump can

  • be found ‘not guilty’ of rape, but be found guilty of ‘defaming’ the accuser
  • be criminally indicted on bogus charges during an election campaign, but get a gag order from a judge warning not to defend himself
  • can tell people to peacefully and patriotically make their voices heard on J6, but be accused of inciting an ‘insurrection’
  • be impeached over a call with the Ukrainian president seeking legitimate and credible information about Biden corruption in Ukraine that pertains to national security
  • be falsely accused of Russian collusion by a rival political candidate who committed actual Russian collusion
  • be raided for ‘classified documents’ he had the right to take as president, while being set up by a president who took classified documents while vice president and stored them in unsecure locations
  • be accused of ‘disinformation’ over the 2020 election by claiming it was ‘rigged,’ even as we have docs that prove the intel community committed ‘election interference’ by fabricating a letter calling the Hunter Biden laptop ‘disinformation.’

Only if you’re Donald Trump.

If you see the things that our judiciary and DoJ do to Donald Trump as individual events, it seems like he’s being targeted. When you look at them as a whole, it’s crystal clear they’re out to destroy him.