Kristi Noem Plays 'Misogyny Card' on Matt Walsh but Won't Address His Legitimate Criticisms

Kristi Noem Plays ‘Misogyny Card’ on Matt Walsh but Won’t Address His Legitimate Criticisms

When I write about California Governor Gavin Newsom, I often note that he is in office because he is an attractive, charismatic man with a great smile (though creepy at times). I note how he is great at winning elections despite the fact that he’s terrible at being a leader or representative of the people. His policies obliterate anything good in my state and impose the worst possible situations for everyone other than his elite cronies.

If he were a woman and I said the exact same things, I’m certain that hypothetical “Ginger” Newsom would pull the “Misogyny Card” on me for noting she was attractive, charismatic, and had a great smile. I expect that from Democrats. I do not expect that from Republicans, but that’s exactly what South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem did to Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh.

Some will argue that what Walsh said was unnecessary. I believe that he’s absolutely correct even if he’s not politically correct. Admittedly, I jumped on the Noem bandwagon early on. But once the policies he mentioned in the video started falling to her weak leadership, I jumped back off quickly.

Oh, you didn’t hear any of the policies Walsh mentioned? That’s because Noem omitted them from the clip she shared on social media. Let’s listen to what Walsh mentioned prior to saying that she’s attractive…

Walsh’s analysis is spot-on. Republican lawmakers seem very much set on being the permanent opposition in DC. Meanwhile, lukewarm RINOs in state executive offices across the country talk a big game during election season only to go limp once in office. Despite a slew of Republican victories in gubernatorial races in recent years, there are only a handful who have used their executive powers to rein in the creeping leftism in their states. Kristi Noem is a perfect example. She talks a good game but when legislation hits her desk that can actually have an impact, she comes up with a lame excuse to not sign it. It’s happened far too many times during her short stint in the national spotlight.

This isn’t about misogyny. It’s about failure to lead. Matt Walsh brought up very valid points about Kristi Noem’s track record as Governor. Instead of addressing them, she called him a misogynist and pretended to be tough by crying to Ben Shapiro.