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Kristi Leigh: How Corporate Media Sells False Narratives

Just about all of our readers and listeners are well aware that corporate media pushes whatever narrative they’re told to push by their advertisers, not to mention Democrats and any members of the globalist elite cabal who have an agenda for a particular day. Many of us are on the receiving end of the propaganda, which is one of the biggest reasons I recommend using alternative news sources like The Liberty Daily and Discern Report to get the truth.

The powers-that-be have a stranglehold on the information that reaches the masses, but things are shifting. People are becoming more aware that they’re being fed bovine excrement on a daily basis, which is why sites such as the ones I’m affiliated with continue to grow. Meanwhile, more and more journalists are escaping the corporate media world to find success in the freedom of independent media.

One such free journalist is Kristi Leigh. After two decades delivering the narratives as lead anchor for multiple news networks in Ohio and California, she took the opportunity in 2020 to go on her own. She has since worked with Infowars and American Faith and continues to broaden her horizons with gigs across the alternative media spectrum. I was blessed to have her join me on today’s episode of The JD Rucker Show.

I will also be talking about how the media has distorted the current and future states of the economy. There are few things more important to Americans than providing for themselves and their families, but uncertainty has made that extremely challenging. Most of us have never faced the type of financial turmoil that’s rampant across the globe today and the trends do not point to a soft landing anytime soon. This is why I’m so bullish on physical precious metals.

Here’s today’s show: