Chris Christie

Krispy Kreme Chris Christie Will NOT Appear on Maine Primary Ballot Because He Couldn’t Scrounge Up Enough Signatures

(America First Report)—It isn’t difficult to get on a primary ballot in most states. One simply needs to meet the legal requirements for the job such as being at least 35-years-old, fill out the paperwork, and get a minimum number of signatures.

State requirements vary, but they’re usually only high enough to prevent unserious candidates from throwing their names on the ballot for the sake of novelty. This is why former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie should be ashamed for failing to get the 2,000 signatures required to be on the Maine primary ballot. And he didn’t miss it by a few names. He only collected 844 in-state signatures.

Adding insult to injury, Doug Burgum and Ryan L. Binkley both collected the required signatures and will appear on the Maine ballot.

The campaign is blaming “procedural issues” while claiming they actually got over 6,000 signatures. But here’s the thing. If someone is so incompetent that they could make such a basic error, how can they expect to be taken seriously while running for President of the United States?

The answer to that question is obvious. Nobody takes Chris Christie seriously. I doubt Chris Christie takes Chris Christie seriously. He was ordered by someone, likely members of the UniParty Swamp or their globalist puppet masters, to enter the race with a single purpose: To lob zingers at Donald Trump during debates. To be fair, lobbing insults during debates is one of the very few things Christie actually does pretty well.

Fortunately for America, Trump rightly decided not to degrade himself by attending any of the pointless debates. This decision rendered Christie’s candidacy even more irrelevant that it was before. It’s time for him to find a donut shop, call a press conference, and drop out of the race. Afterwards, he can have his donuts and leave us in peace.