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Kirk Herbstreit Had Blood Clots in His Lungs and Nobody’s Mentioning the Obvious Cause

It has been acknowledged by the CDC, FDA, and WHO that Covid-19 “vaccines” cause blood clots in many who take them. They claim they are “rare” but that’s only because the vast majority of doctors are too afraid to blame the jabs for the clots they’re seeing in drastically increasing frequency.

ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit recently admitted that he had blood clots in his legs that eventually reached his lungs, causing a possible life-threatening condition. He addressed it early and was able to have proper treatment, but he only acknowledged the April event in recent days.

According to

What started out as a calf pain – he thought it was a pull – turned in to pain in the right side of his chest when he would lay in bed. That was followed by shortness of breath. At that point, per the report, he called a cardiologist.

“Your heart arteries are crystal clear, look great,” Herbstreit recalled the doctor telling him. “But, you’re not going to believe this: You have clots in your lungs.”

Herbstreit followed up with a scan of his calf, which revealed additional clots.

“Somehow they got into my bloodstream, went through my heart and into my lungs,” Herbstreit says. “Once it got into the lungs, it’s like a dead end. They’re in your lungs, but they go through your heart. That’s where people die. … And so I was just like, ‘Damn.’ “

As one would expect, none of the articles covering the story mentioned a possible correlation to Herbstreit’s vaccination status. Just like the doctors who won’t properly diagnose it, corporate media journalists are too scared to even mention “vaccines” and “blood clots” in the same story.

What’s worse than the claim of rarity for adverse reactions is the new narrative coming out of corporate media that blood clots are common in young and otherwise healthy individuals. We will start seeing more stories talking about this in the future as blood clots “inexplicably” rise. We have entered the stage of suspending disbelief in the efficacy and safety of the jabs. Corporate media will do everything in their power to sustain the lies for as long as possible.

This is why it’s so important for enlightened readers to help spread the word. The gaslighting and propaganda of Pandemic Panic Theater continues to ramp up, portending another round of vaccine-pushing. Will it be new unsafe and untested boosters? Perhaps they’re going to try to make Monkeypox or Polio happen. Is something new around the corner? Whatever it is, they’re doing everything they can to convince people they need to get as many jabs as possible.

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