Kim Iversen Delivers Angry Rebuke of Natural Immunity Disinformation

Kim Iversen Delivers Angry Rebuke of Natural Immunity Disinformation

Show host Kim Iversen is quite upset. She voiced her concerns on Twitter about the people who need the most help through the age of Omicron getting shafted because of false information being given to the people about natural immunity. Instead of caring for loved ones who are sick, those who have strong natural immunity have been told they should still stay away because natural immunity is supposedly not effective.

This is a lie, and Iversen called them out over it:

I’m angry. I’m angry as hell. I’m angry health officials and outlets spent two years REFUSING to study natural immunity and making even vaccinated recovered people afraid of being around people with Covid. I think this cost lives. Let me explain.

People who are recovered and often fully vaccinated on top, are STILL afraid of catching Covid. SO afraid, that when a loved one gets sick they stay away. They don’t want to “get sick again”.

Everyone is now catching Covid. People are getting sick. Covid makes a person EXTREMELY tired on top of flu like symptoms. That fatigue makes it impossible for the person to care for themselves when sick. They NEED help. But who helps the millions of people who live alone?

Who is willing to brave it? You can’t just “check in” on a Covid patient, the exposure forces you to quarantine. You can call and ask if they’re ok but they don’t want to expose you so they’ll say they are even when they aren’t. They need CARE. They need someone to bring fluids

They need someone to get their temperatures down. They need someone to get them to sleep in prone position and run the humidifier. But if everyone is scared who does this for the millions living alone and the millions more who are left fo battle alone because their family leaves?

The family thinks it’s BEST to stay somewhere else leaving the Covid patient ALONE to fight the disease.

With many now catching Covid, many of us are experiencing first hand people who are recovered from Covid refusing to help their own loved ones because they’ve been told their immunity is crap. They are the very people who could step up and care for sick loved ones but they don’t.

They don’t, not because they’re heartless, they don’t because health officials and media outlets DISCREDITED natural immunity and refused to give us any solid data on how long it really lasts.

These people live in genuine fear when they are the ones who should feel safest and should be raising their hands to help out with their family members and friends who get sick. Instead, how many people died because when they got sick they spiraled from lack of proper care?

Those people didn’t get care until it was time to rush them to the hospital when their body was shutting down. I nearly witnessed this first hand this week and it opened my eyes to the genuine CRIME health officials have committed by discounting natural immunity.

It isn’t just about mandates and vaccines. I’m now confident they killed people. I’m confident people were left alone to battle the virus and lack of hydration and care exacerbated the illness until organ damage killed them.

Stories of couples who died together while their adult children hid away? Had their adult children been willing to brave it with proper guidance from health officials or had recovered friends said “let me care for them, I’m low risk”, they maybe could have survived.

I would like to know how many people who died of Covid have this story. They were alone until it was time to go to the hospital. How many died from lack of proper care because so many were afraid. Not just those naturally immune but this goes for the young and vaccinated as well.

Our health officials and media outlets need to answer for their blatant ignoring of well known science and there needs to be an accounting of how many people died from lack of early care.