Kevin McCarthy

Kevin McCarthy Betrayed His Party and Country by Producing a Debt Ceiling Deal the Democrats Adore

Remember when RINO Speaker of the House said Democrats hated the debt deal he cut with Joe Biden? As it turns out, he got rolled. Hard. Democrats hated the deal so much that they outvoted Republicans in the House to get it passed with ease.

In total, nearly a third of the Republican caucus voted against the bill. It should have been more. McCarthy loyalists lined up to kiss the ring, but considering the minimal concessions Republicans got in exchange for suspending the debt limit for 19 months, it’s unfathomable that any conservative who voted for it actually liked what they saw.

As Senator Mike Lee noted:

The Biden-McCarthy Debt Expansion Act just passed the House. To those who thought this was a Republican bill, the numbers don’t lie: 165 Democrats voted for it, and only 149 Republicans joined them. Those voting against it included 71 heroic Republicans and only 46 Democrats.

Lee further predicted fallout for Republicans who supported it, posting, “Once the Biden-McCarthy deal is fully understood, it will be about as popular with Republican voters as Bud Light … purchased on sale at Target.”

It’s time for a motion to vacate.

Conservatives on Twitter noticed the odd vote counts.

Yes, it’s time for a motion to vacate.