Ken Starr Calls for Special Counsel to Investigate Biden Crime Family

This really should be a no-brainer, which is why it almost certainly won’t happen.

Ken Starr, Independent Counsel during the many investigations into Bill Clinton’s wrongdoings, believes the Hunter Biden scandal and his ties with China should be handled by a special counsel, not the Department of Justice. Considering the proximity of Hunter to the installed President of the United States, it’s impossible to expect the Department of Justice to handle the investigation without influence from the Oval Office.

Moreover, Joe Biden himself may be implicated in such an investigation, forcing further conflicts of interest within his own Department of Justice.

Starr went on with Fox News host Laura Ingraham to make the clear-cut case why a special counsel needs to handle the investigation into the Biden crime family. Watch:

He’s absolutely right. The criminal activity in question ties not only to Joe Biden and his family, but also to the Chinese Communist Party. With such unambiguous national security threats on the table, only a special counsel can be trusted to get to the bottom of it all.