Keith Olbermann Lectures Elon Musk About Kindness and the Comments Are Brutal

Former news celebrity Keith Olbermann loves to pick fights that he’s bound to lose. If there’s a wrong take, he’ll take it. His latest venture into wrongness was his hit on Elon Musk who has recently taken up the mantle of fighting the information war against the border invasion.

Musk’s initial post that triggered Olbermann was innocuous enough. he retweeted Libs of TikTok’s headline grab about leftist leaders asking American citizens to help house illegal aliens.

“They’ve run out of hotel rooms, are kicking kids out of school for illegal housing and now they want your homes too,” he Tweeted.

Olbermann then proceeded to lecture Musk in a response.

It’s called kindness. I know you know nothing of it, because you can’t figure out an angle to make money off it

Olbermann, who is not known for his kindness, knowledge, or unwillingness to make money, was hit hard in the replies.

Perhaps Olbermann should sit this one out.