Karl Marx

Karl Marx Weekend Special: Fight Against Rising Marxism With Personal Preparedness

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This weekend marks 206 years since the birth of one of the most destructive leaders in world history. Karl Marx, born May 5, 1818, was 30-years-old when he created a broken philosophy that was used to brainwash tens of millions of people.

As he and every globalist leader, communist proponent, and despot ever since then have known, the easiest way to control the people is to control the food supply. Unfortunately, we’re seeing the fulfillment of these evil machinations manifesting across the globe, even in the United States.

Personal preparedness and the acquisition of both skills and resources may be the only way Americans will be able to shield themselves from the growing Marx-inspired tyranny that is being normalized. Between governments wanting more control and actual Marxists indoctrinating their next generation of communists, it’s quickly becoming clear that we must take care of ourselves and our family.

“I always think about Karl Marx in early May, remembering the tremendous destruction his Communist Manifesto has brought to the world,” said JD Rucker, co-founder of Prepper All-Naturals. “My way of denouncing him is to stock up on food and ammo, two things he desperately wanted government to control.”

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“It’s hard for average citizens to fight back against globalists and Marxists who are scheming from their palaces, but we do have the means to take control of our own food security,” Rucker said. “I choose to help my family eat well even as the powers-that-be try to starve us and I’m proud to offer the same option to my fellow Americans.

“Of course, having enough ammo is a best practice as well.”

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