Kari Lake Reveals the Democrats’ ‘Biggest Mistake They’ve Ever Made’

Conservative firebrand and Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake revealed what she believes is the Democrat Left’s “biggest mistake they’ve ever made” which is saying something considering all the others.

In an Arizona campaign rally in Queen Creek, Arizona on Sunday night, Lake pointed out other unforgivable mistakes the Democrats have to be held accountable for, including closing down businesses during the Covid scamdemic, shutting down churches (a clear violation of First Amendment rights), defunding the police, burning down cities during the violent 2020 George Floyd Democrat riots.

‘You name it, they’ve done it,” Lake continued before revealing the doozy:

“When they started going after our babies, that was the biggest mistake they’ve ever made. The most dangerous place in all of nature is between a mama bear and her baby cub. The left is right there, and we’re going to rip them to shreds on November 8th!

On November 8th, They are going down!”

Lake was likely referring to mandates to take the unsafe and ineffective Covid “vaccines,” as well as sexualizing children in the schools through perverted sex-ed brainwashing, including twisted transgender ideology that attempts to convince children that they can choose their own gender based on feelings of the moment.