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Kari Lake Responds to Super Bowl Threats: “I Won’t Take Marching Orders From the NFL”

The woke National Football League is getting political again. This time it’s not over homosexual marriage, voter integrity laws, or LGBTQIA+ supremacy. They love having open borders and are adamantly opposed to Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake’s plan to fight the massive invasion of illegal aliens.

The NFL has threatened to move the Super Bowl out of Arizona if Lake wins. To that, Lake has been responding on the airwaves and sent out a text message to her supporters:

Let’s talk about football.

I promise if the NFL takes the side of drug smuggling cartels and opposes our common sense border plan, they can find a new place to host the Super Bowl. If the NFL wants to jam radical left politics onto the field and take the side of criminals, that’s fine.

I won’t take marching orders from the NFL. I will serve the people of Arizona. Besides, in a game of chicken vs. the NFL, I promise you, I’ll win that game. I don’t care who steps in our way, and I don’t answer to anyone but the people of Arizona. Besides, I don’t think I’ve got to prove that I’m not afraid to step on some toes.

If sticking one to the billionaires, stopping the border crisis, and keeping Arizona far away from the corruption of Washington sounds good, I’d be honored to have your support.

Once again, Kari Lake has demonstrated she will not be swayed by special interest groups or threats from woke corporations, even one as powerful as the NFL. She’s exactly what Arizona and America needs right now.