Kari Lake Praying for Judge Following Arizona Election Fraud Hearing

Kari Lake’s legal team made their case this week in court regarding the stolen Arizona midterm elections. Here’s her statement at the conclusion of Friday’s hearing.

“Our elections are a mess in this country, and I am so happy to stand up and say no longer will we as Americans put up with this. We demand fair, honest, transparent elections, and we will get them. And I pray so hard for this judge. I think that he really took in all of that information. I think he listened very closely to what happened.”


Since the stolen 2020 election, many have lost faith in our judiciary properly adjudicating anything related to voter fraud. Case after case was thrown out for ludicrous reason, leaving an even worse taste in the mouths of patriots than we already had for the corrupt judiciary. Hopefully the prayers of Kari Lake and others will be heard and this judge will do what so many before him have failed to do: Allow free elections to take place in the United States of America.

Source: Kari Lake’s Twitter