Kari Lake on Katie Hobbs: “This Woman Is a Monster”

There are many lies circulating about Trump-backed gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake and her incredible debate challenge for Democrat opponent Katie Hobbs. Lake offered to let Hobbs pick the moderator. She even offered to let Hobbs write the questions. But thus far, Hobbs and her corporate media backers have made excuses and turned unhinged attacks against Lake to diffuse the awkward reality that Hobbs is dodging the debate.

Lake went on Newsmax to discuss the situation. In her trademark no-holds-barred style, she unloaded on Hobbs. Watch:

Everything Lake said about Hobbs is documented and accurate. Is this why Democrat-loving corporate media is so bent on changing the subject? One comical editorial from an Arizona NBC affiliate claimed Hobbs was simply concerned about Lake spreading “lies” before mentioning deep in the article that the writer has been confrontational with Lake in the past. Call me new to journalism after three decades but I always thought disclosures of personal conflicts should be acknowledged up front, before the editorialized attacks.

The reality is this: Democrats and corporate media know they have a corrupt candidate who’s trying to take on someone the people of Arizona truly adore. They’re pulling out all stops to gaslight Arizonans into ignoring the facts in front of them.