Kari Lake

Kari Lake Manhandles a Swarm of Democrat and RINO Media Shills — Imagine What She’ll Do as Arizona Governor

For complete transparency, I’ve endorsed Kari Lake for Governor of Arizona. After spending nearly two hours with her on a pair of interviews, I can say beyond a doubt that she’s the prototype for America First Republican candidates across the country.

Like President Trump (and unlike her main RINO competitor), she is a political outsider who is entering the world of government to fix a broken system. Like Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar, she is an America First patriot who isn’t scared to say what milquetoast Republicans avoid. And like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, she plans to give the Governor’s office back to the people instead of special interest groups and billionaires.

She’s the complete package for Arizona and America, which is why Democrats, RINOs, and corporate media hate her. No candidate in the nation has received more attacks from the media or been hit by more negative campaign ads this election season than Kari Lake. And while the latter is challenging to overcome without a massive infusion of small-donor support, she’s able to handle the former challenge of an adversarial media without assistance.

Watch all the way to the end and see how her demeanor shifts. When talking to the media, she is precise and bold. When she starts talking to her amazing supporters at the massive Tucson rally, she lets her guard down and feels at ease with the people she strives to serve.

Most politicians can get prepped to go in front of a camera and field softball questions from friendly media. Watching Kari Lake tackle tough questions from a swarm of adversarial reporters is one of the things that differentiates her.