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Kari Lake Lambasts Voting Machines in Arizona, Predicts a Big Win When All the Votes Are Finally Counted

Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake went on with Fox News host Tucker Carlson to recap the current state of affairs on Day Two of the Arizona election. Together they discussed why she is confident she’s going to win and how they can fix the election process in the state.

“We’re sick of being the embarrassment that Maricopa County has made us become, and we won’t do another election like this,” she said.


Results from the election are not anticipated to be released until Friday. Lake currently trails her Democrat opponent, Katie Hobbs, by a few thousand votes. Notably, Katie Hobbs is the sitting Secretary of State responsible for election management. Convenient.

Earlier in the day, Lake predicted a big win:

It appears nearly certain that massive, widespread voter fraud is the reason the red tsunami never materialized. Let’s hope Lake blew Hobbs away by such a large margin that they can’t cheat her out of the Governor’s office.

Hat Tip: Jack Posobiec

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