Carlson Lake

Kari Lake Explains Her Border Emergency Plan to Tucker Carlson

Kari Lake joined Fox News host Tucker Carlson to briefly explain her plan of declaring a border emergency to combat illegal aliens.

During the interview, she also debunked the notion that she’s simply repeating populist talking points and doesn’t have ideas of her own. While it’s popular among Republican voters for various Republican governors to send illegal aliens inland to Democrat strongholds, Lake voiced a different opinion.

“You know, I actually get a kick out of it watching these liberal mayors just throw their hands up and say ‘we can’t handle it’ because it’s life every day for us in these border states.

“However, I’m not a fan of it, Tucker. I mean, we’re just taking people here illegally who shouldn’t be here, we’re moving them further inland. My plan is the most bold, aggressive plan on the border. We’re going to secure the border. We’re going to call it what it is, issue a Declaration of Invasion on day 1, get troops on the border in the form of our National Guard.

“We’re going to stop people from coming over. And we’re going to stop the cartels from having control of our border. I don’t like it as a mother and I know no Arizonan likes it that we are the pipeline for the most dangerous, deadly drug this country’s ever seen called fentanyl. Number one killer of young people, it’s all coming through Arizona because Joe Biden gave control of our border to the cartels

“And on day 1 we’re going to invoke our Article 1, Section 10 authority and take back control of our border away from the federal government. It’s a dereliction of duty, what they’ve done, but we’re not going to let Joe Biden drag the state of Arizona down while he’s trying to destroy this country.”


Arizonans have a choice. They can continue to be the pipeline for fentanyl and illegal aliens flooding across their borders, or they can vote for Kari Lake and put an end to this invasion once and for all.

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