Kari Lake Federal Overreach

Kari Lake Delivers the Correct Answer on Fighting Federal Overreach and Defending Individual’s Rights

Political theories are debatable. As much as America First patriots would love to think we’re unambiguously right on everything, there are many who hear the arguments from the other end of the spectrum and believe they are right and we are wrong.

When it comes to federal overreach, there is only one correct answer: We fight it. We know it’s the correct answer because depending on which party is running the White House and Congress at any given moment, one half of the country or the other is calling on states to fight back against their policies. Our Constitution was written to protect against federal overreach, but over the last quarter millennium since then we’ve seen Washington DC take more and more power.

Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake delivered a pitch-perfect answer. One doesn’t have to be a Republican to acknowledge that fighting DC overreach is one of the most important actions any governor can take. Whether it’s Gavin Newsom fighting the Trump administration on behalf of illegal aliens or Don DeSantis fighting the Biden-Harris regime to stop the flow of illegal aliens, the rights of the states and individual American citizens must be protected.

Lake made it clear in two-and-a-half minutes how that can and should be done by governors.


Question: “How are you as governor going to protect Arizona citizens from the federal unelected bureaucratic overreach? Specifically, will you work with sheriffs and the Arizona Attorney General to protect our rights?”

Lake: “Absolutely. I mean, how many of you… well, every single one of us in here had to deal with that during Covid. We had Anthony Fauci and the CDC controlling our lives.

“There’s something that happened during this last Supreme Court term, and it was really amazing and I don’t think people paid attention to it. It was called, I believe, EPA versus West Virginia. Did you follow that? That just cracked open the door for us to go after and push back against this federal overreach by bureaucrats who are not elected.

“And this case was interesting. It was basically the EPA trying to shut down coal mines in West Virginia, and the Supreme Court ruled, ‘Listen, you’re pushing these regulations that bureaucrats made up. There’s no law behind that. Our elected officials didn’t write those laws. Those are regulations that bureaucrats in Washington, DC came up with, and they’re trying to destroy an industry in West Virginia.’

“And so I was really pleased with that. I took notice and I went, ‘Okay, that’s how we’re gonna go after the overreach of the federal government,’ whether it be the ATF, the FBI, the DOJ, the CIA, , you name it, the EPA, the Department of Education.

“Yeah. We’re really tired of the federal government acting like they run the show. We run the show, We the People run the show and we’re gonna push back.

“And since we touched on water a little bit, the. Department of Land Management — I call it Land Mismanagement — you know, I didn’t mention this, but our forests, and we all know this, are overgrown. It’s really frightening. You know, of course, it’s beautiful to see all the ponderosa pines, but they take up a lot of our groundwater and the federal government refuses to thin those forests.

“And every year during fire season, it’s scary if you live near these forests because you think at any moment a fire could start and burn your home down, burn a small town down, a community down. And so we need to push back on the federal government. If they’re not gonna thin those forests, they need to give us the ability to do so and we will push back because it’s a water issue and it’s a safety issue and I’m ready to take the fight to Washington, DC.”

This is it, folks. THIS is the correct answer that every governor should give when asked about federal overreach. This is why Arizonans need to deny long-time politician Katie Hobbs and vote for someone who will fight for their rights.

Source: Kari Lake