Kari Lake Delivers Receipts Showing RINO Doug Ducey Is Doing the Swamp’s Bidding

It’s clear that the Uniparty Swamp of Democrats, NeoCons, and milquetoast RINOs pick their targets and attack them in unison. President Donald Trump has been their primary target since 2016. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has emerged as their top target among current politicians. As for candidates, no America First patriot gets as many attacks from the Swamp as Arizona gubernatorial hopeful Kari Lake.

RINO icons Mike Pence and current Arizona Governor Doug Ducey have spearheaded the charge from the Swamp to take down Lake. Pence is clearly a true believer in the anti-America RINO movement, having betrayed this nation behind the scenes while pretending to defend it. Ducey has been less visible in his attacks, but the Swamp has prompted him to hit Lake with everything he’s got because their billionaire candidate, Karrin Taylor Robson, is lagging far behind.

How do we know Ducey has been co-opted? Because when Lake left her career in television journalism, Ducey speculated that perhaps she should run for office in 2022. On a recent appearance with Megyn Kelly, Lake read the text message that Ducey sent her.

“I’m not going to, you know, sit here and trash him but I will say I’m reading a message that he sent me the day that I resigned from my career and, by the way, I was always fair to him in my career,” she said. “I interviewed him on several occasions and I was always fair to him.”

According to Lake, the text message reads, “Kari, congratulations on your great career to date. You are really one of the good guys. Tough, fair, talented, and a real person. It’s all in such short supply today and you will be missed. If I can be helpful in any way please ask. Excited to see what’s next. Maybe Lake 2022?”

The call to run in 2022 was political banter on Ducey’s part, but the noteworthy comment is that he pointed out Lake is a “real person.” This runs contrary to his current Swamp-prescribed narrative that she’s “Fake Lake,” a moniker they adopted in a desperate effort to smear her. In all of his comments about the race, he’s reading from the Swamp’s script.


The Uniparty Swamp is using RINO stooges like Doug Ducey and Mike Pence to keep as many America First patriots out of office. Kari Lake is at the top of the list of people they’re willing to lie about to keep from reaching the people.