“Kamala’s Morons”: Biden-Harris Regime Considers Sending Gas Cards to Everyone Instead of Just Fixing the Problem With Domestic Oil Production

One of my most trusted media contacts happens to work with the DNC. She’s an old school Democrat who still loves America despite her party’s radical trajectory towards ending our nation’s sovereignty. The scoops she’s given me over the years have been gold, and while she still hates Republicans, she also does what she can to make sure her own party’s worst ideas get shot down.

“There were discussions about sending out gas cards for temporary relief over rising prices, but the West [Wing] said no,” she said. “But one of Kamala’s morons took it to Democrats in Congress anyway even after [White House Chief of Staff Ron] Klain shot it down.”

The idea was met by opposition from some Congressional Democrats. To not flame more rumors of a separation between the Biden wing and the Harris wing in the regime, some of Biden’s people took up the mantle of pressing the issue with Congress.

According to Axios, the objections from Congressional Democrats were quite lucid, including:

  • It would be expensive and poorly targeted.
  • It could worsen inflation and wouldn’t do much to lower costs.
  • Delivering the cards would be a slow process that could bog down the IRS in the middle of the filing season, potentially delaying people’s tax returns.

The solution to the gas price problem is quite clear, as Congressman Louie Gohmert laid out for me in a recent interview. If Biden were to announce a plan to permanently allow expansion of fossil fuel production by American companies, we wouldn’t have to wait for drilling to begin before we felt relief at the pumps. News of increased domestic production would have an immediate impact on prices.

Most in the Biden-Harris regime are just fine with rising gas prices because it brings them closer to realizing their dreams of a green economy in America. It would fail miserably, but that’s not dissuading them from trying.