Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente Is Begging the Doctors They Fired Over the Covid “Vaccine” to Come Back

Kaiser Permanente, in a truly magnanimous move, has informed employees it previously fired for “non-compliance” with its “Vaccine Policy” that all is forgiven and they’ll be allowed to return even if they still haven’t been “vaccinated”. However, employees are still required to annually verify their “vaccination” status.

I’m certain that this will be well received by employees who were fired in the middle of the pandemic for having the audacity to exercise bodily autonomy and refuse to inject poison into their veins. Kaiser Permanente forgives them and is generously allowing them to crawl back to the company and apply for open positions.

It’s kinda funny, though. You’d think that if being “vaccinated” was truly necessary in 2021, then it would still be necessary now. It’s not like Covid has gotten any less dangerous, at least according to the “experts”. So what gives? It’s almost as if being “vaccinated” was never necessary and Covid mania has died down to the point that it’s no longer popular to try and force people to get jabbed.