Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Admits to Child Abuse Through Genital Mutilation

“Do no harm.”

The Hippocratic Oath is unambiguous. It applies to a doctor’s need to preserve life and prevent harm from being done to their patients whenever possible. That means preventing people from harming themselves or making decisions that cause permanent disability. It’s exponentially more important to acknowledge this when children are the ones deciding to harm themselves through transgender surgeries.

Kaiser Permanente apparently does not believe in the Hippocratic Oath. They openly discuss genital mutilation of children who are neither mature enough to make such life-changing decisions nor savvy enough to realize the harm they’re doing to themselves. It’s the exact opposite of healthcare. Watch:


The groomer push among perverts and woke school officials is infecting our nation with mental illnesses, but that’s to be expected in our post-truth society. But doctors are supposed to be lucid, sane, and protective of their patients’ wellbeing. Cutting off breasts of young girls or creating false vaginas in young boys is not what’s best for children. It’s child abuse, plain and simple.

As America grapples with the sudden and devastating rise of LGBTQIA+ supremacy, it’s important to remember that the perpetrators of these evil acts know what they’re doing is wrong. They choose to justify the evils they know their committing by hiding behind the decision-making abilities of preteens. And sadly, many in America today believe this is not only acceptable, but necessary.