New Photo of Justin Trudeau in Blackface Surfaces on Eve of Canadian Elections

Justin Truedope Invoked “Emergencies Act” and Fundamentally Changed His Nation Forever So He Could Charge Freedom Convoy Protesters With “Mischief”

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is an idiot. He’s a weak man spawned from two powerful families (the Trudeaus and the Castros) who is in power based solely on his status as puppet to the globalist elites in the World Economic Forum. He hates his own people and will persecute them for the sake of holding onto as much control as possible.

The problem is, all of that was true BEFORE the Freedom Convoy challenged his authority and put medical tyranny on notice. Trudeau is not suited for dealing with conflict like this. He’s better at kneeling with BLM to make up for his multiple blackface racist incidents. Going head-to-head with people fighting for medical freedom is not in his wheelhouse.

We know this based on the charges his minions have laid on the Freedom Convoy organizers. According to The Conservative Treehouse:

The need for control is a reaction to fear. What does the government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau fear so much that he invoked the first ever declaration of the Emergency War Measures Act? A group of middle class Canadians who challenged him. That’s it. That’s the sum total of the Trudeau justification.

Need proof? Well, here’s the lead organizer of the Trucker rebellion, Tamara Lich, who triggered the declaration of a national emergency and invocation of the federal Emergency Act. What heinous crime against the state was she charged with? “Counseling to Commit the Offense of Mischief“.

As we noted yesterday, the Ottawa situation is being handled very much like January 6 in the United States. Lots of bold talk and draconian actions, but the charges being filed against the peaceful protesters are minor. That doesn’t mean the Canadian government won’t do everything in their power to harm these people just as the Deep State is doing everything they can to harm the January 6 protesters. It just means they have to work around legal channels and blow it all up to be something much bigger than it really is.

Between Justin Trudeau and Joe Biden, it’s hard to tell who is weaker. We do know this. Both have taken their power-grabbing to the most extreme levels in their country and both will be judged by history as dictators opposed to freedom.