For Summer: MyPillow’s New Sandals Are Like Clouds For Your Feet

Say goodbye to foot injuries from flip-flops and the pain of thin soles.

These new cushiony foam sandals from MyPillow are like walking on clouds.

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MyPillow’s New Foam Sandals:

  • Are made with Proprietary MyPillow super soft foam for superior comfort and impact absorption

  • Have a 3-tier cushioning system

  • Reduce the stress put on your feet and joints

  • Provide All Day comfort and built with a durable construction that will last

  • Are molded and formed to cradle and support the foot

  • Are easy to clean and care for

They’re simple and easy to wear. Slip ‘em on and off all day long.

And because they’re super lightweight yet fashionable, you can wear them running errands!

You’ll want to throw away your flip-flops and wear these all day long.

Use promo code TLD for $30 off!

Check out the women’s thong sandals:

Click here to see all the colors and varieties!

People are saying:

“I need soft support for my legs and feet. With the support and pillowlike cushion from my sandals, my feet feel so wonderful and my legs feel great. Thank you, Mr. Lindell. These are just what the doctor ordered.”

“About to order my 3rd pair of MyPillow slippers and these sandals (buying for my dad for Father’s Day). With the quality of the slippers, I’m very excited to get the sandals too!”

“At first I thought these are kind of dorky looking, like crocs, but they are actually the most comfortable “flip-flops” I’ve ever had. I literally wore them to a stadium event and was on my feet for 10+ hours! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!”

They’re waterproof. Cushiony. And easy to care for.

Fashion experts agree that summer sandals once were only for showers and locker rooms. But now they’re for the beach, on the streets, at the supermarket — just about anywhere.

MyPillow sandals are perfect for travel. In cars. On planes. A day at the beach. Around the pool. Maybe not church or the fancy restaurant. But wear them everywhere else, and your feet will feel great all day.

Here are the men’s options — use promo code TLD for $30 off:

So comfortable!

If you have “wider feet,” the thick cushioned footbeds are made for you. The thicker soles absorb more shock. And unlike flip flops, they offer excellent heel and arch support.

Get a pair and feel immediate foot relief!

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All-day comfort awaits.

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