With Just Five Sentences, Emerald Robinson Encapsulates the Problem With the Republican Establishment

The Republican Party has a problem. Okay, so they have a lot of problems, but the most glaring problem affects them from both the electoral perspective as well as on the policy side.

As independent conservative journalist Emerald Robinson pointed out, the GOP has a problem with picking who is going to represent the “future” of the party, especially with their presidential candidates..

The GOP thinks Nikki Haley is the future of the party.

In 2016, the GOP thought Jeb Bush was the future of the party.

In 2012, the GOP thought Mitt Romney was the future of the party.

In 2008, the GOP thought John McCain was the future of the party.

The GOP is a joke.

Yes. Yes they are.

But to be fair, the “party” she refers to is really just one portion of the GOP. MAGA patriots and America First lawmakers do not align with the choices of the Republican Establishment. And there are more MAGA patriots than not among GOP voters. Unfortunately, the power-brokers and mega-donors in the GOP generally embrace the crony capitalism that not only infects the party’s leaders, but also does great harm to the nation. This is why there are so few America First lawmakers despite a majority of Republican voters who want better.

When the money and the GOP insiders align to put forth RINOs, NeoCons, and compromised candidates, the MAGA base is often forced to choose between milquetoast moderate Republicans or radical Democrats in the general election.

This, above all else, is why I firmly believe the primaries are far more important than the general election. Even an America First president like Donald Trump could not force the Republican Establishment to pass an Obamacare repeal or build the wall when they had a majority during the first two years of Trump’s first term.

We need an America First presidential candidate in 2024, but that’s not enough. We also need America First lawmakers on Capitol Hill and we need America First leadership at the RNC. It all comes down to the primaries.

The battle to nominate real patriots instead of RINO puppets of the UniParty Swamp is already in full swing. It’s time for the MAGA majority among GOP voters to stop watching Fox News, stop listening to NeverTrump radio, and put their efforts toward nominating America First candidates.

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