Judge Scott McAfee

Judge McAfee Allows Trump and His Co-Defendants to Appeal the Ridiculous Fani Willis Ruling

Trump and eight co-defendants have been granted the opportunity to seek a review of a ruling by Judge Scott McAfee, which allowed Fani Willis to continue on the case against Trump. McAfee issued a certificate of immediate review, stating the matter was of significant importance to warrant immediate review. The decision comes after Fani’s boy toy, Nathan Wade, stepped down, citing an “appearance of impropriety” in their actions.

In his ruling, McAfee clarified that the decision was not a final judgment, and the state had indicated compliance with the order’s demands. This allows the defendants to appeal the decision. Despite this, McAfee expressed his intention to address other pending pretrial motions, regardless of the outcome of the appeal, signaling a commitment to maintaining progress in the case.

The motion to disqualify Willis was initially filed by Trump’s co-defendant Michael Roman, alleging that Willis had financial benefits from appointing Wade, who had taken vacations with her. McAfee’s ruling last week acknowledged “reasonable questions” regarding the timing of the relationship between Willis and Wade, particularly whether they had testified truthfully about it.

Also, Scott McAfee and his wife both donated to Fani Willis’s campaign in 2020. I’m not saying there’s any tomfoolery going on… I’m just heavily implying it.