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Judge Is Spot On About Trans-Supremacy Cult: “Advocates of Transgenderism Can Be as Doctrinaire as Religious Zealots”

(WND)—A judge in Florida, in calling for the exoneration of a Christian teacher fired for declining to use a student’s “preferred” pronouns, has labeled the transgender ideology – promoted through the whole of government by Joe Biden – a “new secular faith.”

“Advocates of transgenderism can be as doctrinaire as religious zealots these days,” law judge John Van Laningham wrote in a dispute over the firing of science teacher Yojary Mundaray.

She was dismissed in 2019 by Jose de Deigo Middle School in Miami for a conversation with a student, a girl, who demanded the teacher refer to her as a boy.

According to a report on the situation that developed, cited by the Daily Mail, the student was scolded by Mundaray for “routine horse play.” At that point, the girl demanded the teacher refer to her as a boy, instructing the teacher “God made a mistake.”

The teacher responded, “I’m a Christian, and my God made no mistakes.”

The student complained and the teacher was fired.

The judge called for the exoneration of the teacher, writing, “As this case demonstrates, adhering to the traditional view that gender is biologically determined can get a person excommunicated, from a job in this instance.”

The judge explained the teacher was free to hold her beliefs.

“Given that Mundaray made no attempt to force Pat to accept, conform to, or even acknowledge any Christian doctrine, the allegation that she imposed her personal religious views on Pat is untrue,” he wrote. “At most, Mundaray expressed her view that God is inerrant, which is about as anodyne a theological statement as one could make.

“‘Further, she did so only in defense of the God she worships. Surely, such cannot constitute a disciplinable offense in a country whose foundational principles include religious freedom.”

And the judge noted that Florida law has changed, and if the situation developed now the teacher’s job would be protected by statute.

The teacher’s case remains to be concluded, with the Education Practices Commission set to issue a final ruling.

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