Juanita Broaddrick's Simple Observation of Democrats Is Pure Gold

Juanita Broaddrick’s Simple Observation of the Democrats Current Situation Is Pure Gold

When Juanita Broaddrick again in 2016 by backing Donald Trump over her rapist’s wife, she became an instant star on social media for her witty and uncensored posts. She’s a southern belle who doesn’t hold back and takes no prisoners with her commentary, but when the topic of Hillary Clinton comes up, she takes her game up a notch.

One of her latest Tweets is no exception:

“When you sink low enough to consider Hillary as your 2024 candidate……Democrats have hit rock bottom.”

Two-time election losers rarely make it for a third attempt. Joe Biden happens to be one of them, but he is failing miserably and reminding people why they didn’t vote for him since his first presidential run in 1988. The longer his manufactured presidency lasts, the less popular he becomes. The only thing keeping him in office and preventing Democrats from making a move to replace him early is because his current successor, Kamala Harris, is even less popular.

The fact that Democrats are seriously considering elevating Hillary Clinton to be their savior from having to run either Biden or Harris demonstrates just how thin their bench is and how desperate they’ve become. They know that whether Donald Trump runs again in 2024 or not, they’re going to have their hands full with a Republican candidate who is in stark contrast to the abysmal failure the Biden-Harris regime has been. Distracting voters by clinging to Clinton is the most desperate move imaginable.

It would be fun to watch another Hillary Clinton run. She’s such a bumbling fool and a generally unlikeable person that seeing her on the big stage with Juanita Broaddrick trolling her constantly would be worth any price of admission.