Journalist Emily Miller Breaks Down the Afghanistan Debacle to Date

Journalist Emily Miller Breaks Down the Afghanistan Debacle to Date

Mainstream media and the Biden-Harris regime are trying to stuff Afghanistan down the memory hole. They’ve moved on and they want the rest of us to focus on Texas abortion laws or college football. One second though, Biden may not want you watching college football, either.

Independent journalist Emily Miller has been at the forefront of reporting about the ongoing Afghanistan crisis. It isn’t over even if the regime wants us all to pretend like there’s nothing left to see there. A Twitter thread she posted reveals what’s been happening and why it’s still as newsworthy today as it was when the Taliban was killing U.S. Marines.

“Today is one week since Biden ordered the (early) withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan and left American citizens and Afghan allies (literally) at the gate of the Kabul airport. Since then…”

“Americans have gone into hiding in safe houses. A few have escaped ground routes. Some are sitting on the floor at Mazar-i-Sharif airport. All of them are terrified the Taliban will kill them before the are rescued.

“The Afghans who worked with for and with our military, lived on our bases, spied for our intelligence, speak fluent English and love Americans are being hunted door to door by the Taliban. They email/text American friends to beg us to save their lives.”

“The Taliban/ISIS-K has almost destroyed the Northern Resistance Force (our allies and good guys) and taken control of the country.

“Pakistan has armed them and helped Taliban/ISIS-K. AMERICA PAYS FOR PAK’S MILITARY DEFENSE. That means we are funding the ISIS-K terrorists — the same ones who killed 13 US troops two weeks ago at Kabul airport gate.”

“In this past week, hundreds of special forces and veterans have replaced the US government to do private rescues in Afghanistan. You don’t see them on TV. They aren’t on twitter. They are quietly working 24/7 to rescue Americans and Afghan allies. God bless America.”

We cannot allow the Biden-Harris regime to dump this story next to Benghazi and Hunter Biden. Americans are still in danger and our media is focused on “horse dewormer.”