Journalist Alex Berenson Banned by Twitter for Entirely Accurate Covid 'Vaccine' Tweet

Journalist Alex Berenson Banned by Twitter for Entirely Accurate Covid ‘Vaccine’ Tweet

Big Tech censorship has been ramping up for years, culminating in the 2021 purge that has eliminated many of Big Tech’s most hated users, namely conservatives. The initial purge following the January 6 riots was followed by smaller purges in the subsequent months. Lately, the easiest way to get banned on sites like Twitter and Facebook is to tell the truth about Covid-19 “vaccines.”

Discourse is dead on the “platforms” with their Section 230 protections. They wield the banhammer as a weapon of digital mass destruction, eliminating inconvenient truths with the push of a button. The latest victim is journalist Alex Berenson whose permanent suspension on Twitter resulted from a Tweet that was 100% accurate.

According to his Substack post:

This was the tweet that did it. Entirely accurate. I can’t wait to hear what a jury will make of this.

Meantime, guess you’ll be getting more Substacks.

This Tweet is 100% accurate. Covid-19 “vaccines” do not stop infections or transmissions. Even the CDC has acknowledged they are more useful at mitigating symptoms than doing what actual vaccines do. As for being a therapeutic rather than a vaccine, his classification of the experimental drugs is far more accurate than what the White House “doctors” are calling it. The risks associated with the drugs have been well-documented.

If we were fact-checkers, we’d rate this post as “True,” no question about it. Except Twitter questions everything that goes against the narrative they’ve been instructed to support.

As promised, Berenson continued to post on Substack just as he would have on Twitter:

They have defamed me and denied me a very important platform. But with your help I’ll do my best to keep getting the truth out.

We will monitor Berenson’s Substack and post much of his work here. In the meantime, check it out and subscribe to continue to get his excellent reporting on Covid-19, the vaccines, and a wide range of topics.