John Fetterman’s Latest Answer to a Softball Inflation Question Is Absolutely Terrifying

There are few people in the nation who are less mentally capable of being a United States Senator than John Fetterman. He demonstrated this during his debate with Dr. Mehmet Oz. He’s been demonstrating it at every campaign stop. But his answer to a softball question from CNN’s Don Lemon may be the worst oral performance of Fetterman’s career.

WATCH: Don Lemon asks John Fetterman about the “biggest cause of inflation” and whether “the Biden administration should be doing more.” Instead of addressing the question, Fetterman bizarrely starts talking about the 2017 Trump tax cuts.

Here’s an actual transcript created by an AI that desperately attempted to understand what he was saying:

No, I, I just do, I I think that it, that simply is also we, this talk about the trillions in, in massive tax, uh, tax, uh, cuts to the corporate, uh, tax, uh, structure as well. True, you know, trillions of dollars that have added to the deficit.

And, and now they still wanna support those as well. True. I think in terms of being very serious about, uh, addressing inflation is, is making sure that those rates are brought back into a line with what they, they should have been, uh, where they’re able to, uh, fight, uh, the, the, the, the deficit.

If John Fetterman becomes the next U.S. Senator, it will demonstrate beyond a reasonable doubt that either Democrats are insane, the elections in Pennsylvania are rigged, or both. It’s probably both.