John Fetterman

John Fetterman Is Not Capable of Being a United States Senator

Anyone who has read my commentary regarding Dr. Mehmet Oz knows that I did not support him to be the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania. In fact, I adamantly opposed his nomination. Under normal circumstances, I would choose to ignore this race and focus on helping America First patriots win their races. But this race is far from ordinary.

His Democrat-Socialist opponent, John Fetterman, is physically and mentally incapable of fulfilling the role of United States Senator. Since his stroke a couple of months ago, he has been hidden away from the public. Now that he’s holding rallies and delivering speeches, we know why they didn’t want him heard. It’s clear that the stroke has taken its toll and he can barely string together a complete sentence.


When the Republican Establishment insinuates that staunch conservatives need to vote for the “lesser of two evils” and back their Uniparty Swamp candidates, we shouldn’t listen. In this case, we must. As bad as Dr. Oz will be as a Senator with his ideology seemingly to the left of RINOs like Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins, this isn’t a question of “lesser of two evils.” This is a question of being capable of accepting the duties for a U.S. Senator, and Dr. Oz is the only candidate of the two who can do that.

John Fetterman was an massive political threat due to his radical leftist worldview BEFORE his stroke. Today, he’s far worse because he no longer has his full mental capacity. As much as I disagree with Dr. Oz, we must not let his opponent anywhere near Capitol Hill.

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