Joey Mannarino Defines “Woke”

For your consideration…

What WOKE means PT 1:

WOKE is Lizzo proclaiming she’s “the sexiest thing ever,” when to all of us she’s just unhealthy, annoying, and gross.

WOKE is letting the black shoplifter go free, but arresting the white clerk who called the cops.

WOKE is teachers who honestly believe they have the RIGHT to transgender YOUR children and talk to them about sex.

WOKE is asserting there are 76 genders when everyone knows there are only 2.

WOKE is HATING YOURSELF because you’re white, because the media and all the literature tells you to.

WOKE is also believing WHITE PEOPLE BAD, but then electing the oldest whitest man available without even caring about his qualifications.

WOKE is BLM rioters burning cities and looting private businesses as a form of “peaceful protest.”

WOKE is using pronouns and thinking other people have to care enough to use them too.

WOKE is every movie/TV show where the males are weak so the women can seem strong.

WOKE is also weak male athletes pretending they’re female athletes so they can FINALLY get some trophies.

WOKE is appointing Pete Buttigieg transpo secretary exclusively because he likes to suck cock, married another man, and they adopted twins.

WOKE is not wanting police protection anymore, because you’ve been convinced that all cops are racist and all criminals are merely victims of society.

WOKE is race-swapping white characters to black – but NEVER the other way around.


WOKE is the affirmative action hiring that gave us a BLACK FEMALE VP who does no work – because her job is simply to be a BLACK FEMALE VP.