Media Doesn't Hide Their Disappointment That Joe Rogan Survived Covid-19 by Taking Ivermectin

Joe Rogan’s “N-Word” Apology Was, Unfortunately, Necessary

Generally speaking, one should never apologize to the “woke” crowd. No matter how sincere and apology is, the wokesters will never accept it and will only use it as fodder to demonstrate their wielding of cancel culture elicited a response. Then, they will continue to demonize the apologizer anyway.

Joe Rogan is learning that today following his apology over use of the “N-Word.” It was a good apology, at least as good as apologies like that can be. It was necessary because the compilation clip that he was apologizing for needed to be addressed for the sake of his fans. As someone who built his entire persona around his willingness to say exactly what he felt, for him to not reply to the video would not have fit. It’s hard to criticize him for making it because his silence on the matter would have followed him more than this apology.

Therefore, in this unique case with this very unique person, it was unfortunately necessary for him to issue his apology. I hate saying that because people should not have to apologize for comments taken out of context. Rogan is different. To continue to be as “based” as he has proven himself to be, he had to address the issue, and that’s unfortunate.

Here’s the clip:

Like I said, the vast majority of the time it’s unwise to apologize for anything the “woke” crowd doesn’t like simply because it never works. In Rogan’s extraordinary situation, he proved he’s the exception to the rule.