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Joe Rogan Calls Out Intellectuals for Labeling Everyone “Alt-Right”

Leftists tend to drop their talking points after they’ve lost their appeal to the masses. In some cases, they drop them quickly; the narrative about how the 2020 election was the “most secure and fairest of all time” ended the moment they took power in DC because they had to switch gears to selling federalized elections. Other times, they let the talking points fester long past the point that people have grown sick of them. “Build Back Better” has been toxic for months, but there are still those on the left who push the concept.

Then, there are times when they just can’t let a talking point go. Case-in-point: Labeling people “alt-right.” It’s been the go-to pejorative used by many leftist commentators to describe anyone who vehemently disagrees with their stance.

Podcasting king Joe Rogan called them out for labeling three people who are clearly not “alt-right” just because it suits their need to gaslight.

As he noted, Tim Pool, Maajid Nawaz, and James O’Keefe are nowhere near what was originally defined as “alt-right.” The pejorative was designed to refer to those who were outside of mainstream conservatism, people who weren’t necessarily “far-right” but that espoused views the mainstream deemed to be radical. Today, the left uses the term on pretty much anyone they don’t like.

Thankfully, it seems the talking point has lost its bite. Corporate media rarely if ever uses it. Conservative media hasn’t used the term regularly in over a year. Only the leftists who didn’t get the memo about its fading efficacy in gaslighting continue to use the term, and unfortunately, that’s still a lot of “intellectuals” in the political commentating world.